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Terms, policies and privacy


By signing up to and using Get Tandem you agree to the following terms and conditions including any future amendments.

1. General terms

1.1. You must not use this website in any way that causes, or may cause, any damage to the website or its users.

1.2. You must not use this website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of any malicious computer software or illegal content.

1.3. You must not behave in an inappropriate or offending way to other members of Get Tandem.

1.4. You do not have the right to collect information about other users for reasons other than finding people for your language tandems.

1.5. Get Tandem reserves the right to delete or deactive your account if you break the law or these terms.

2. Collecting information

2.1. Get Tandem collects some data about each user without asking.

2.2. User information collected by Get Tandem is gathered only for statistics, finding unused or fake accounts, and for the improvement of the application security, performance and usability.

2.3. Get Tandem collects IP address, date and time on each login.

2.3. Get Tandem reserves the right to track users behaviour anonymously in order to improve the user experience of the application.

3. Privacy

3.1. None of the information exlicitly or implicitly shared with Get Tandem is going to be made public or available directly to the third parties.

3.2. You have explicit right not to include your real name or other personal information on Get Tandem.

3.3. Your profile is strictly private to be viewed only by other registered users. It will be never published on the publicly accesible part of the site without the user explicit permission.

3.4. Your profile photo can be used in the public part of the website.

3.5. You have the right to cancel your account at any time. All information shared with Get Tandem will be deleted when the account is cancelled.

3.6. To cancel an account a request needs to be sent to

3.7. You have the right to disable your account. Disabled accounts are excluded from search and marked as such.

4. Guarantees

4.1. There are no guarantees regarding the Get Tandem service.

4.2. Get Tandem can discontinue the service at any time.

4.3. Get Tandem is not responsible for any data lost.
Latest change: May, 3rd 2016
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