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About Get Tandem

Perhaps you are learning a foreign language or perhaps you just want to help others get better at your mother tongue

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Get Tandem allows you to find people who want to learn your native language and are willing to teach you their mother tongue locally or remotely. You are taught by a native or experienced speaker for free, you meet a lot of new inspiring people and you do not have to travel in order to speak and talk with the native speakers. Go out for a coffee, enjoy an event at the local gallery or run in the park.
Language tandem is a form of language exchange in which two or more people meet each other in order to improve their language skills by teaching their mother tongue and learning a foreign language from a native speaker.
It is a great addition to traditional language classes and moreover an opportunity to find a partner for your other favourite activities too. Language tandem is learning languages the informal way, meeting people from different cultures, making international friendships, free and fun at the same time. It is definitely rewarding.

It doesn't matter where you are or what you learn

In 43 cities around the world you can already find a language exchange partner at Get Tandem.

Connect with learners just like yourself

At Get Tandem you can meet speakers of 28 languages including
English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.
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